• Welcome to our School session 2020-21


Honesty: is a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, loyalty and straightforwardness along with absence of lying or cheating

Responsibility & Accountability

Responsibility & Accountability:We are a responsible person when we accept the results of the decisions we make. It is the state of fact of being accountable and answerable for our actions


Sensitivity:We can be different in ways, lifestyle and opinion, however we care enough not just about each other but exhibit respect and love for fellow being and our mother earth.

Pride in One’s own culture:

Pride in One’s own culture: our country stands for     its culture and linguistic diversity, the endurance and hospitality of our people, coupled with patriotic  sentiment.

Principal Desk:-

Greeting from Sheetal Sports Sr. Sec. School



“Achieving success is important, but restoring success is eternal

              thinking big is the attitude but initialing action is the courage.”





Anil Kumar Hooda


  • As the head of this institution I would like to welcome you to join us in our pursuit for excellence in education. But schooling for us is not just about textbooks, Sheetal Sports Sr. Sec. School strives to bring real world to its classrooms. Hence we ensure a balance between book and extra curricular activities.

  •  We uphold the system of overall personality development along with excellence in academics.

  •  We believe in maximizing the capacity of each student and equips them to walk through the doors of   opportunity. At the same time we groom out children to be global citizens with regards for Indian cultural and   value.

  • Every new day brings enthusiasm and hope. We relish what we did in the past on the other, we are impelled to better ourselves and remain the best in future.

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  • Welcome to our School session 2020-21


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